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Dance with Elegance and Confidence with your partner on the dance floor WITHIN 3 MONTHS

Why I should try Ballroom Dancing?

Before I answer the above question, what if we tell you that you have Found the right place where you will be able to Dance with Elegance and Confidence with your partner on the dance floor WITHIN 3 MONTHS? We understand by now you may have many reasons not to try but yet the Passion within you has brought you here. This passion is an undeniable part of human nature where we love to move with art or what we call ‘Art In Motion‘. Don’t you agree when you listen to a nice piece of music, your body impulsively will move with it. And YES, if you are rejecting because… you think you have two-left feet and do not have dancing talent; you may not have any dance partner, or your partner is not willing to dance. Some guys may think that dancing is only meant for ladies, while the ladies may think that male partners are hard to find as there are hardly any around. What if we tell you the KEY actually lies with a Good and Professional ballroom dance instructor and have nothing to do with the concerns that you have. Your Ideal Ballroom Dance Instructor:

  1. Our Professional ballroom dance instructors who are Nurturing and Fun loving, will train their students to dance with Elegance and Confidence. To be true gentlemen and elegant ladies, knowing when to dance well with your partner or always ready to dance when the right partner comes along. Didn’t you hear a guru said this before, it is not about not given the opportunities, but rather it is about getting ready to grab the opportunties when they arrive.
  2. Besides being nurturing, our instructors with excellent qualifications have also several competitions experiences and every of them have won Championships consistently. They will able to identify your mistakes and correct them at half time and give you champion dance routines to show your artistic side of you.

Here is what our students said about our instructors in their testimonials. What other benefits of ballroom dancing? You will have better weight managementincrease in energy level, and be more attractive. And if you do not have a partner, you may find your loved one here. Those dancing with life partners, it will be guaranteed that your relationship will get better than before after spending quality time dancing and communicating. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in private or group ballroom dancing lessons, please click here Or do drop us an email to make more enquiries.

Free Download – Ballroom Dancing Tips Poster

Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiatics competitor-to-be in ballroom dancing, knowing the important foundation is a way to go for a long term journey in learning and enjoyment in this everlasting Art in Motion. Click here to download some great tips poster, print it out and place it on the wall as great reminders before you start this exciting journey.

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The instructors inspire us with their vibrancy and passion. They can understand and connect with young people, and motivate us with their professionalism and care, while setting high standards for us to strive to achieve.

Zhi Xin

University Graduate

IMPORTANT NOTE: These testimonials from the students have proper documentation. They were not offer with any monetary gains.

The teachers are so family-oriented and inspiring. Learning from them since day one already made us feel like family. Teach practical dancing techniques too. Fred & Joyce

Husband & Wife